They told the sand not to love the sea.

Dark, wild waves that can never be tamed-
They are too harsh for your gentle soul.
And you know this.
Everyday, ferocious waters crash into your shore,
Never minding, never seeing.
You know.

Angry, so angry; sometimes you forget that
The depth of his being is not flame.
He ravages the shoreline whenever he chooses.
And you know this.
Everyday, he upturns the seashells and pearls,
and leaves you nothing but a mess.
Never caring, never bothering.
You know.

Mysterious, alluring; you understand every person
Who comes to you to see him.
He brings with him chaos, destruction-
-but also intrigue, and beauty.
And you know this.
Everyday, as the sea tides calm,
You tidy your sands and polish your shells.
You line up the shoreline and hold your breath.
Never minding, never sighing.
You know.

Black waves come crashing into your soul.
He doesn’t see you.
He glances back, looking, searching,
wondering at your voice.
But you are only small castles, half ruined and half gone,
and he was an ocean too mighty for your shore.

And you know this.

Thundering seas go back to the moon.
The shoreline whispers a soft goodbye.

They told the sand not to love the sea.
You know this.
You know.

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