nurul syahirah nadirah
also nad, chocorella, ayumi
10 january 97

I could put some really deep hipster quote here about how I’m just a dying, flickering star hoping to be a part of the constellations of beautiful imagery in the night sky

or I could show you who I really am: the black hole in that same night sky who vacuums food into her mouth for eternity and will never know the meaning of productivity. Behold:

evil me
the star ‘Lazyrius’

I currently study psychology in school (may 2017 update: graduated woo!!), but I also love to indulge in amateur graphic designing in my free time. I love typography and everything about fonts and letters ❤

I have A LOT of fandoms, ranging from star wars, lord of the rings, harry potter, too many j-music groups and artistes, games, and others… one day i’ll get around to sorting them out.

BASICALLY for other IMPORTANT (not really) info about myself that I’m currently too lazy to retype into this about page, go to my flavors.me or (my actually dead but i retweet a lot) twitter

Thanks for reading, and may the Force be with you! ✨


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